Great Falls Clinic Hospital

The client on this project achieved a Certificate of Need (CON) for a replacement hospital which launched a series of financial needs and requirements to move forward. Through a collaborative approach, our partners handled planning, custom design, budgeting and leasing needs for the new replacement hospital.

The campus collective had several other needs in addition to the new facility, and as an established real estate developer actively working with them, we were able to use our expertise to guide them through their business planning for the campus at-large, addressing retiring physicians, new physician recruitment opportunities, and fresh operating capital as the Clinic’s joint venture partner, Symbion, now Surgery Partners,  asked to third-party source as much of their plan-of-finance as possible. We monetized and sold their existing facilities including the clinic itself (which became a Specialty Clinic) and an ambulatory surgery center, wrapping it all together with the newly completed hospital for a one-sale purchase that maximized the return for the physicians.


  • Client Great Falls Clinic
  • Parent Company Surgery Partners, formerly Symbion
  • Facility Type Hospital
  • Value $28.6M
  • Location Great Falls, Montana
  • Completed 2014
  • Square Feet 64,449